John O'Connor

Welcome to Or should I say welcome to the neighborhood?

This new marketplace of information and ideas is dedicated to serving the needs and interests of the nation’s senior living professionals. As our tag line notes, you can count on us for the news, perspective and analysis you need.

The new site offers a clean, simple and bold design, as well as easy-to-use navigation. In our effort create a gathering place for senior living pros, we’ve carved out dedicated space for columns, technology, company information and a cornucopia of additional information. Why? Because well-informed senior living leaders are more likely to succeed.

Despite possible appearances to the contrary, did not simply happen overnight. A special thanks to the Web Team and colleagues on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News for making this day possible. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Lois Bowers. Lois has toiled behind the scenes for many, many hours to help make a reality. She’s also going to be providing much of the content you’ll be reading here.

Please know that in addition to this site, we are also launching a Daily Briefing eblast service. Each business morning, the Daily Briefing will put the most important and relevant developments in the field at your fingertips. To receive this valuable free service, simply sign up here.

This is a community that was built just for you. And we want you to have a strong say in how grows and develops. We welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

We’ll also be announcing new product enhancements and services in the months to come. So don’t be a stranger.