October 01, 2015 - McKnight's Senior Living

Print Issue: October 01, 2015

Making a clothes call

As more senior living operators work to increase efficiencies and leave a smaller environmental footprint, on-premise laundry operations are being put under increased scrutiny.

Stretching boundaries

As more senior living residents arrive with memory-related challenges, operators are adapting. This is especially the case in rehabilitation care, according to industry experts.

A true ‘Residence’

If the top three point of emphasis for real estate are “location, location and location,” The Residence at Cedar Dells certainly meets the criteria.

Safe and secure

Wandering itself will not necessarily pose harm to a resident. But when it takes place in an environment that is unsafe, the risk of injury or death rises exponentially.

That personal touch

In a set-up that would satisfy even Goldilocks, a group of Sunrise Senior Living residents in Massachusetts heads to a cozy common room each day knowing they’ll be able to pick the chair most comfortable to them.

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