October 01, 2015 - McKnight's Senior Living

Print Issue: October 01, 2015

Making a clothes call

As more senior living operators work to increase efficiencies and leave a smaller environmental footprint, on-premise laundry operations are being put under increased scrutiny.

Safe and secure

Wandering itself will not necessarily pose harm to a resident. But when it takes place in an environment that is unsafe, the risk of injury or death rises exponentially.

Stretching boundaries

As more senior living residents arrive with memory-related challenges, operators are adapting. This is especially the case in rehabilitation care, according to industry experts.

A true ‘Residence’

If the top three point of emphasis for real estate are “location, location and location,” The Residence at Cedar Dells certainly meets the criteria.

That personal touch

In a set-up that would satisfy even Goldilocks, a group of Sunrise Senior Living residents in Massachusetts heads to a cozy common room each day knowing they’ll be able to pick the chair most comfortable to them.

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