John O'Connor
John O’Connor

Just as Washington-style gridlock was about to resume, two Senate races in Georgia may be flipping the script.

To be sure, there still are some votes to be counted in the Peach State. But it’s looking like Jon Ossoff may narrowly defeat incumbent David Perdue (R). In the other run-off, several media outlets already have declared Raphael Warnock the winner in his race against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

If the Democrats do manage to run the table, it’s a whole new ball game. After all, a Democrat is about to move into the White House. And the party already enjoys a majority in the House of Representatives. From a legislative standpoint, adding Senate control could change, well, everything.

From naming cabinet members to creating new laws and regulations, President-elect Joe Biden’s party now will be able to call the shots with minimal outside interference.

Here’s what senior living operators soon might see:

  • COVID-19 vaccines getting distributed faster.
  • Immigration rules being loosened (which actually may help improve workforce supply).
  • $600 stimulus payments being bumped to $2,000.
  • Proposals for expanded healthcare coverage

But it’s not going to be all crimson and clover.

More rules and regulations affecting business and care delivery are all but certain. It’s also likely that the Department of Labor, the Occupational Health Care Administration and other oversight agencies will abandon the laissez faire attitude they adopted during the Trump administration.

Red tape in its many incantations also will become more prevalent.

Of course, those are just some of the obvious developments. You can be sure there will be more to come.

So buckle up. The road ahead may soon change — and perhaps get a lot bumpier.

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