First-year senior living employees are 7.5% more highly engaged than employees who have been with an organization for more than a year, according to new data from Wrightsville, PA-based employee engagement research and consulting firm Holleran.

The number of disengaged employees increases by 6.6% after a year of service, the same research found.

“Maintaining a high level of engagement beyond the first year has obvious benefits for an organization — less turnover, increased productivity and a contagious atmosphere of highly engaged workers,” said Jennifer Leo, Holleran’s senior research analyst.

The number of engaged employees — in a group between highly engaged and disengaged — stays consistent across all lengths of service, from year one through year 10, Holleran said, suggesting that employees are more likely to be at either end of the spectrum after their first year of employment instead of settling into the middle range of engagement.

“Recognition programs, stay interviews, regular check-ins and supervisor engagement training are all established best practices to increase levels of engagement,” Leo said. “The novelty doesn’t have to wear off after the first year of employment.”

Holleran’s proprietary benchmark includes the views of more than 59,660 employees, all surveyed within the past two years.