Senior female entrepreneur explaining strategy on glass wall to businesswomen. Colleagues are discussing in board room. They are working in office.

As companies strive to hire a diverse mix of employees based on gender, racial background and culture, one marker is starkly missing in most diversity, inclusion and equity statements, according to research services company Advisory Board. Only 8% of companies include age in their DEI statements, the firm said.

The concept of diversity introduces the concept of thinking about others beyond oneself and identifying who is not at the table, National Center for Assisted Living Executive Director LaShuan Bethea said at a seminar presented in May by the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living and the Advancing Excellence in Long-Term Care Collaborative. Workplace decision-makers, she said, must consider the people affected by their decisions and whether the options reflect the best interests of the decision-makers.

“The value older adults bring to the workplace is often overlooked. …In fact, data show older adults tend to stay with their employer longer, have flexible and adaptable learning styles, have shorter learning curves, are more motivated to work, and offer valuable expertise,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated.

Companies must develop multigenerational workforce strategies to retain and attract top talent and remain competitive in the global market, said Jean Accius, senior vice president for AARP global thought leadership, writing in Forbes.