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A new Argentum campaign aims to amplify voices in assisted living by sharing stories and information about the sector’s contributions to caring for older adults.

Argentum launched its “I ❤️ Assisted Living” campaign today during its Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC, to celebrate the sector’s role in caring for aging adults. The association said that the campaign aims to “take control” of the narrative on assisted living following increased federal scrutiny from the US Senate Special Committee on Aging and negative attention from lay media outlets, including The Washington Post as well as The New York Times and KFF Health News

“This initiative aims to highlight the invaluable contributions of assisted living communities in providing high-quality care, enriching experiences and vibrant lifestyles for seniors across the nation,” said Maggie Elehwany, senior vice president of public affairs at Argentum. “With the ‘I ❤️ Assisted Living’ campaign, we aim to amplify the voices of residents, families, caregivers and industry partners who share our unwavering commitment to the well-being and happiness of seniors.”

The campaign will include social media posts, storytelling initiatives, community events and advocacy efforts. Supporters are being encouraged to share with policymakers their positive experiences, submit their stories to the Senate Aging Committee’s portal and share short videos and social media posts using the hashtags #ILoveAssistedLiving and #YouCanCallMeAL.

Elehwany said the campaign comes at a “critical juncture” when assisted living communities play an “increasingly vital role” in meeting the diverse needs of a rapidly aging population. 

Reinforce the ‘value of assisted living’

Backing the campaign is a new resource hub and updated information about the value of assisted living. Argentum announced the launch of its “Standing with Seniors” website, along with a new white paper offering “compelling new insights and data into the value of assisted living.”

The website will provide research reports and white papers on key trends and issues affecting assisted living communities; legislative updates, advocacy resources and policy briefs to educate policymakers and advocate for older adult-friendly policies; and news articles, blog posts and multimedia content highlighting positive stories, innovative practices and industry insights.

“This initiative symbolizes Argentum’s unwavering dedication to America’s seniors while solidifying our role as a pivotal source for assisted living data and information,” Elehwany said. “With the launch of the ‘Standing with Seniors’ website, we aim to empower seniors, families, caregivers, policymakers and industry stakeholders with accessible and actionable information to support informed decision-making, and policies to improve the lives of seniors.”

In conjunction with the launch of the website, Argentum also released an update of last year’s “The Value of Assisted Living in America” white paper. The update includes information from the recently released NORC at the University of Chicago report showing increased longevity for senior living residents compared with older adults who live in the greater community, as well as the results of J.D. Power’s 2023 US Senior Living Satisfaction Study showing high senior living satisfaction scores.

The white paper also includes updated information on the growing aging population — the US population of older adults will grow to number more than 80 million by 2040 — and the ongoing workforce challenges plaguing the industry — more than 3 million workers will be needed in senior living by 2040, with more than 20 million needed across long-term settings in that time, according to Argentum’s calculations.

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