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Raleigh, NC-based NIC MAP Vision has launched a new feature — a listings service for brokers of senior living real estate. This is the industry’s first online and free source of senior living property listings, with more than $400 million in deal volume available, according to NIC MAP.

“For years, this has been one of our most requested features,” Arick Morton, CEO of NIC MAP Vision, stated in a blog post. “And given that this is such a dynamic time in the acquisition market, we wanted to do everything we can to help the brokerage, buyer, and seller communities transact as efficiently as possible without adding any additional cost to the system.”

The idea, Morton said, is to facilitate brokers’ access to buyers who use the NIC MAP Vision platform on a regular basis while still protecting users’ privacy. Buyers can see a brokerage’s contact details, images, recent transactions and other information. Sellers of senior living properties can also reach the thousands of monthly active users on NIC MAP’s portal, including 90% of the industry’s largest owners and operators.

The platform is available to NIC MAP Vision’s users. Listings within the new service may include land parcels, buildings, or even full portfolios of senior housing communities, the organization said.