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RealPage will gain the potential to offer senior living clients utility billing capabilities with the acquisition of the assets of utility management service Simple Bills Corp., the Richardson, TX-based real estate software and data analytics company announced Monday.

Waco, TX-based SimpleBills currently focuses on the student housing market, serving clients in more than 170 markets in 43 states and providing utility services to more than 125,000 students. Because the solution is platform-agnostic, however, RealPage said it will be able to serve SimpleBills clients that operate in other markets, such as senior living, multifamily housing, single-family housing and homeowners’ associations.

“With the unmatched support and development resources available at RealPage, we will be able to provide even more state-of-the-art simplicity and outstanding customer experiences in student and in entirely new markets,” said Colin Heller, CEO and founder of SimpleBills, calling the acquisition “a thrilling opportunity” for his company.

RealPage already serves the senior living and affordable housing markets, among others.

SimpleBills bills and collects from students directly. Students receive their portion of a utility bill and are able to split water, electric, gas, cable and other shared utilities among roommates. Additionally, they can manage their utilities without paying deposits and utility provider setup fees or contacting providers.

RealPage Utility Management plans to add SimpleBills’ services to its current family of products. Clients will be able to outsource utility billing in the same way current RealPage clients outsource their affordable housing and vendor compliance, accounting and IT operations to RealPage.

“The acquisition of SimpleBills is a mark of our commitment to providing complete energy management solutions to our clients,” said Jason Lindwall, senior vice president of RealPage Spend Management.