When a senior living culture consultancy firm noticed that its clients were scoring well above average among all industries on a global culture assessment tool, it decided to celebrate their achievements.

Drive launched the World’s Best Culture Certification to highlight senior living organizations that scored “exceptional levels of culture” using the global Barrett Values Centre’s Culture Values Assessment. The assessment tool provides employers around the world and industries with an understanding of personal motivations of employees and their experiences, along with a roadmap for achieving high performance, resilience and sustainability.

The global average culture score for organizations using Barrett’s tool is 51, whereas the overall healthcare score, which includes senior living, is 50. Boudreau said that Drive’s clients’ average score is 58, but a handful of senior living organizations scored 70 or more: Colorado-based Christian Living Communities, Kansas-based Evergreen Senior Living, New Jersey-based Jewish Home Family, Missouri-based Lutheran Senior Services, Pennsylvania-based SageAge Marketing and White Horse Village, and California-based Sequoia Living.

“We wanted to honor a group of people that have a culture that’s not just great in our field, but is really best in the world — a world-class culture,” Drive President Denise Boudreau told McKnight’s Senior Living.

For the assessment, organization employees answer three questions about their personal values, the current culture in the workplace and the desired workplace culture. The overall culture score for an organization considers the current culture, negative limiting values and how closely current culture is aligned with desired culture.

From Drive’s research, best-performing organizations show lower turnover as well as teamwork, caring, employee recognition, customer satisfaction, compassion and respect. Boudreau added that employees most value accountability from their employers.

“The talent competition in aging services isn’t limited to great senior living providers. It also involves globally recognized brands,” Boudreau said. “We’re celebrating the people creating culture comparable to the greatest cultures in the world.”

She said the World’s Best Culture Certification allows organizations to showcase their commitment to world-class excellence that positions them among the top-tier cultures globally, across all industry sectors. It also allows senior living organizations to benchmark themselves among the best cultures in the world, regardless of industry, Boudreau added.

As clients participate in Barrett’s culture assessment, Drive will celebrate those that achieve a level of “exceptional culture” with the World’s Best Culture Certification.