Virginia ranked as best state for seniors

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Virginia ranks as the most accommodating U.S. state for seniors, whereas Idaho ranks as the least accommodating state, according to a report. used its SeniorScore program to determine the ranking. To rank the 50 states, this program used more than 100 variables within four different categories. The categories included health and safety, recreation and leisure, finance and general quality of life. SeniorAdvice's data-driven scoring system calculates a score for each of the four categories, so users can sort through locations according to their specific interests.

The top 10 most accommodating states for seniors:

1. Virginia

2. Hawaii

3. Nebraska

4. Oklahoma

5. Kansas

6. Maryland

7. Florida

8. Texas

9. Arizona

10. West Virginia

The bottom 10 most accommodating states for seniors:

41. California

42. Illinois

43. New Mexico

44. New York

45. Oregon

46. Arkansas

47. Maine

48. Mississippi

49. North Dakota

50. Idaho

Virginia's high ranking is attributed to its quality senior healthcare, nationally ranked hospitals, access to senior living and home healthcares options, strong economy, low taxes and weather.

Idaho's low ranking is attributed to its poor healthcare and senior living resources, high sales and income tax and cold climate.

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