A new collaboration in New York seeks to provide direct career pathways for students, graduates, nurses, advanced practice providers and physician assistants; expand career opportunities for nursing professionals; and offer pipelines for nursing school graduates to learn from experienced clinicians.

The Columbia University School of Nursing, Columbia University Irving Medical Center and ColumbiaDoctors have partnered to form a new Division of Nursing Practice. It was launched Jan. 31.

“We also will be implementing career ladders across all 18 clinical specialties and providing evidence-based, standardized compensation guidelines to help clinical departments recruit and retain qualified nursing staff,” leaders of the institutions said in a press release. “The new division also will organize continuing education opportunities and develop channels for career support for advanced practice providers and registered nurses.”

In addition to implementing the career ladders, the division will introduce compensation guidelines to help clinical departments recruit and retain qualified nursing staff, offer continuing education opportunities to support professional development, and develop support channels to provide career guidance.

Building connections between universities and providers is on trend these days. For example, the Pennsylvania Teaching Nursing Home project launched in July 2021 through a partnership with the John A. Hartford Foundation, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, its nonprofit operating arm Health Careers Futures and the Henry L. Hillman Foundation. Last month, it announced an expansion.

The organizations pledged almost $1 million in grants. Pennsylvania State University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Pittsburgh also will participate.

“The project I’m talking about …  is to create that excitement around caring for older adults,” JoAnne Reifsnyder, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, professor of health services leadership and management at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, told LeadingAge members on a policy update call last month.