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John O'Connor
John O’Connor

• Top column by Editorial Director John O’Connor:

Assisted living finds itself at troubling crossroads

It’s no secret that more assisted living communities are competing with skilled care operators for high-need residents. But a recent piece in the New York Times is sure to raise troubling questions about this emerging strategy, O’Connor wrote in this April 4 piece.

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Lois A. Bowers

• Top column by Editor Lois A. Bowers:

A tiny mention of a big federal effort that will affect assisted living

It received only three sentences in a federal government report released May 31, but a new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services effort could have lasting effects on assisted living communities, Bowers wrote in this June 3 piece.

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• Top guest column:

Lisa McCracken headshot
Lisa McCracken

The top trends that will shape senior living and care in 2019

In this Jan. 14 guest column, Lisa McCracken, senior vice president of senior living research and development at specialty bank Ziegler, predicted that workforce, technology and partnerships would be three trends shaping senior living in 2019.

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• Top marketplace column:

Bed bugs and how to stop them

Glen Ramsey, BCE

For many senior living communities, an infestation of bed bugs would be a public relations nightmare (and a costly one), but it is a situation for which facility administrators and management should prepare and try to prevent, Orkin Technical Services Manager Glen Ramsey, BCE, wrote in this Oct. 3 marketplace column.

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